Finding the Best Sleep Monitor For Your Life

Have you ever considered having a sleep monitor for your health needs? A sleep monitor is a helpful unit that makes it easier for you to identify how well you are getting to sleep.

A sleep monitor is a necessity for many reasons:

  • You can review how well your heart rate and pulse change as you sleep.
  • Any movements you make while sleeping can are easy for the device to analyze. These movements help to see how you are entering into various stages of sleep.
  • Some monitors can monitor snoring situations. Snoring could be a sign of breathing issues that might become worse. This feature works well for people who have sleep apnea and need help with reviewing how well they are handling their bodies.

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The issues that come with trying to get to sleep can be hard for anyone to live with. It is not all that easy to figure out how well you are sleeping either, what with you not being able to measure or recognize your ability to get to sleep at night. But the good news is that a sleep monitor can assist you in getting to sleep without any struggles. This all comes as a device analyzes how well you are capable of sleeping accordingly.

This look at some of the best sleep monitors on the market includes several choices that will fit perfectly into your life. You will notice when using these attractive monitors that they will keep on working for you without being hard to manage.

Wearable Choices

Fitbit Ionic

Fitbit Ionic Monitor

To start, let’s look at some of the wearable options that are available for your use. You can find many wearable options from Fitbit, a popular name in health maintenance.

You might know Fitbit for how the company makes useful fitness trackers. But did you know that Fitbit also makes trackers for sleep monitoring needs? The Ionic is a smartwatch-like tracker that helps you review what you are doing as you are sleeping.

The Ionic uses a regular heart rate monitor that can record information on how well your heart rate is moving over the course of several hours. The monitor will identify your resting rate as you wear it.

The Ionic works alongside all the other regular monitoring features you can expect to enjoy when using this sleep tracker. The tracker also uses a timer and step counter for the daytime. You can review your beats per minute as you move about in your day. The traditional watch display is convenient too.


  • The battery can last for four full days
  • Easy to read display
  • Links to your computer to help you get a fuller readout of your sleeping habits


  • The watch might feel larger than needed
  • Does not record snoring functions

Jawbone UP3

Jawbone UP3

Image Source: walmart.com

The UP3 is a tracker from Jawbone that you wear on your wrist. The model is popular for being a low-cost choice that is a little more efficient for keeping your sleeping efforts under control.

The UP3 is a basic option that uses a series of sensors on its inside band to identify your heart rate, breathing rate, and body temperature as you sleep. After you are done using it, you can link the monitor up to a computer to get a full review of how well your sleep event went. You can use this to effortlessly figure out what you are doing when aiming to get the sleep you need.


  • The battery lasts for up to seven days on a full charge
  • Easy to wear
  • Does not bother your skin while you are sleeping
  • The simple design keeps a full readout of your heart rate at all times


  • The reports are not as detailed as what you would get elsewhere
  • Does not come with a display screen

Fitbit Alta HR

Fitbit Alta HR Monitor

Another Fitbit model, this unit has a slim design that fits well onto your wrist as you sleep. The Alta HR provides you with a full heart rate readout that works both while sleeping and while you are aware. The unit can link up to a smartphone to give you an accurate review of everything you are doing when staying active.

The sleep stage readout on the app provides you with details on how well you are getting to sleep and what you need to do to improve upon your efforts in staying asleep. This reviews how long your sleep stages are lasting and when any interruptions might have occurred.


  • Offers sleep performance benchmarks based on age
  • Vibrating alerts keep you working towards managing a healthy sleep cycle
  • Simple display readouts after you link the Alta HR to a computer


  • Needs to be tightened on occasion for it to work

Non-Wearable Items

Emfit QS

Emfit QS

Let’s look at non-wearable items that will help you with monitoring your sleep. The best sleep monitor might be one that goes alongside or under your bed.

The Emfit QS is a choice you can use when monitoring your sleep. The device is not a wearable model but rather a monitor that is applied around the middle part of the bed. The unit links to a transceiver that goes outside of the mattress. The transceiver reads data from the monitor and forwards it to a compatible smartphone. The display produces a detailed and full look at all the points that come with your sleep habits. This ensures that your sleeping efforts will be kept in check without problems.

The unit reviews your sleeping habits based on your movements, the sensed heart rate, and any substantial changes in breathing. The results can help you figure out if you are snoring and you are unaware of it or if there are issues in your body that are keeping you from getting into the deepest stages of sleep.


  • Does not require any contact with your body
  • Does not need to be replaced regularly
  • The durable body does not shift under your bed while in use


  • The readouts on your smartphone might be too complicated to figure out
  • Needs to have a clear line of contact with your smartphone to work right

Nokia Health Sleep Tracking Pads

Nokia Health Sleep Tracking Pads

Nokia has been a popular name in the field of communication for generations, but the company is also known for offering some appealing health-related products. The sleep tracking pads from the company’s healthcare department can help you identify what you are doing as you try to get the sleep you need.

To use this tracker, you will add a pad onto the bottom part of your mattress. This works like the Emfit model you just read about, but it comes with a pad-like layout instead.

As you get to sleep, the tracker will identify how well your breathing works. The program can find cases of snoring as you try to get to sleep. Details on which stages of sleep you are at during certain times of the evening will be listed on the tracker app. You can also find details on the regularity of your sleep, any interruptions, and so forth. You can use the data on the app to figure out what might have caused those sleep disruptions so you can potentially prevent them from happening again.

The program also produces a full sleep score for you after you wake up. The score is a listing of how well you can get to sleep and what you are doing to maintain that sleep the right way.


  • Easy to read the app this comes with
  • Fits well on your bed
  • Keeps on reading your sleeping habits even when loads of weight is added on its body
  • May link up to other smart home items including the thermostat, lights, and other items


  • The calculations for your sleep score are hard to figure out
  • Results can vary based on how well the unit is aligned

ResMed S+ by Personal Sleep Solution

ResMed S+ by Personal Sleep Solution

ResMed made the S+ as a helpful monitor that syncs with a smartphone or tablet. You will need that device to review how well your sleeping habits are going.

The system will review your sleeping efforts and identify when your sleeping patterns are changing and what you can do to make them easier to manage. You will be alerted to cases where you are experiencing substantial disruptions or changes in your sleep and you need to get them fixed accordingly.

But what makes this unit work so well? The S+ uses sonar signals to review your sleeping environment and how well you are responding to it. Details on the temperature, wind conditions and other points in your area are monitored well. Information on your breathing will be tracked with your approximate heart rate.

The app that the system comes with includes a questionnaire that reviews things like your stress levels, your dietary routines, and any activities you got into before getting to sleep. The system offers this to help you identify how well you are able to get to sleep while getting what changes you need to make to get the most out of your rest.


  • The smart alarm wakes you at a time based on when you have gotten enough sleep
  • The app is easy to read and gives you clear details on your sleeping efforts
  • Does well with identifying movement changes while in bed


  • The heart rate measurements might not always be accurate
  • The smart alarm might be inconsistent at times

Verdict and Summary

Our final verdict is that the Nokia Health Sleep Tracking Pads make for the best sleep monitor option you can utilize. The simple setup of the tracker and the convenient layout of the pad make it easy to use. The fact that the monitor is not overly complicated to figure out makes it a popular choice for your needs too.

Be aware of the things you can look for when finding an appealing sleep monitor. The best sleep monitor for your needs will assist you with feeling better as you get to sleep. The design of such a unit can work wonders for helping you get a great sleep you are bound to love.

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