What Types of Dunlopillo Mattresses Can You Find Today

The Dunlopillo company has been making quality bed products since 1929. While the company is indeed known mainly for its many pillows, you will find that the company also makes some appealing mattresses.

Dunlopillo Mattresses Review

The important part of what Dunlopillo offers is that the company focuses on latex surfaces. Latex foam is a vital part of what Dunlopillo offers on its mattresses. The latex mattresses from the company were the first of their kind when they were introduced in 1931. These are often imitated by many other companies, but the originals from Dunlopillo make for some of the best items you can use for your sleeping needs.

Let’s take a look at the many options you have to work with when finding a Dunlopillo mattress. You can find as you are looking at a Dunlopillo mattress review that there are many appealing choices to look at. Each option you consider can make a difference as you look for something easy for a great night’s sleep.

Best Dunlopillo Mattresses 2018



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Start your search for a Dunlopillo mattress by seeing what the Orchid offers. The Orchid mattress offers a firm amount of support along your body.

The seven comfort zones used on this mattress will provide you with extra support for many parts of your body. The zones offer soft cushions along the heels, hips, and shoulders. Firm zones are used on the spinal column to keep that part of your body aligned correctly.

The latex surface of the Orchid mattress offers an open cell structure. The layout allows air to naturally move along while keeping you comfortable all throughout the night.

The 24cm latex core is an important part of this mattress. The 24cm is one of the deepest that Dunlopillo has to offer. The latex comes in a foam style that adds a softer surface for you to sleep on with ease. But even as you add all that weight onto the latex, the body of the mattress will maintain a consistent shape that feels comfortable all around.


  • Does not need to be turned
  • Noise-free
  • The elastic layout offers better pressure relief all around


  • Extremely heavy in weight
  • Hard to wash off



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The deep body of the Millennium makes it a good choice to have for your sleeping demands. The mattress itself offers a medium level of support and works wonders for your sleeping needs. The 24cm latex code adds a good body that keeps you feeling comfortable as you take in a good night’s sleep.

The Progressive Comfort feature is a vital part of this mattress to see. The bed layout and the latex top will respond to your sleeping position. This produces a deeper amount of sleep that you will feel comfortable with.

The mattress uses the same seven comfort zones that other mattresses from Dunlopillo utilize. The help for keeping pressure off of your body is necessary to see as this model keeps you feeling comfortable and consistent.


  • Anti-microbial body
  • The soft surface keeps the mattress from being too hard to sleep on
  • The latex core adapts well to your body


  • The deep surface might be tough for some people to sleep on
  • May not work with all fitted sheets
  • Needs to be rotated every three months to keep the mattress from settling in its position



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Those who are looking for a firmer mattress will benefit from what the Celeste mattress from Dunlopillo has to offer. The bed is a sturdy model with a 21cm latex core. The core produces a comfortable surface that will not wear out or break apart quickly. More importantly, this works well for multiple people on the mattress at the same time as the risk of your sleeping partner being disturbed by your movements will be minimal.

The cover on the mattress is treated with the Actipro system that produces a natural series of pores and grooves around the cover. This is a patented feature that Dunlopillo uses for producing appealing and easy to relax on surfaces. This point allows the bed to stay easy to clean off while keeping unwanted allergens from being a problem.


  • You do not necessarily have to rotate this mattress
  • Easy air circulation keeps your body comfortable as you use the mattress
  • The pressure relief system on the bed works quickly to relax your body


  • Takes a bit to respond to your body’s movements
  • No handles on the sides due to the immense weight

Royal Sovereign

royal sovereign

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Relax in the lap of luxury on the Royal Sovereign mattress. The bed features a medium amount of support with a 21cm latex core. The latex surface offers quick pressure relief, thus improving your blood supply. This hidden benefit of a Dunlopillo is appealing as it allows blood to move through your muscles so you can awaken relaxed and refreshed. Keeping the blood moving well will help ensure your muscles remain energetic and are not at risk of wearing out prematurely.

The latex surface is also quick to respond to your body’s movements. This adapts to your sleeping profile and gives you a better amount of control over your sleep, thus making it easier for you to utilize for your sleeping needs.


  • Your movement helps to promote ventilation in the mattress for cool air
  • The durable body does not require you to turn or rotate the mattress
  • The latex reverts to its natural shape over time without producing indentations


  • Cannot handle intense or sharp points of weight
  • Hard to clean off the top surface



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Dunlopillo makes the Firmrest mattress as the firmest options available, hence its name. The bed uses an 18cm latex core, the slimmest that the company offers. The strong surface produces a great space for sleeping that is not overly hard to sleep on, thus making it indispensable for your sleeping needs.

Even with its firm design, the comfort zones around the Firmrest mattress are the same here as they are with other beds in the Dunlopillo family. The strong layout produces a good surface for sleep without being overly hard on your body.


  • Does not produce noise as you move along the mattress body
  • Responds well to your weight
  • The open cell layout offers a comfortable surface that lets air move through


  • May feel too hard for some users
  • Extremely heavy in weight



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The next Dunlopillo mattress review to see is for the Diamond mattress. This model offers a medium level of support to create a comforting surface that is not too soft or hard. The surface works well on the anti-bacterial latex surface. The surface offers a series of grooves and points all around the cover to give you a software space for sleep. This all comes as the seven comfort zones give you an extra bit of coverage for keeping your body relaxed and soft.

The open cell structure on the mattress lets the mattress maintain a consistent temperature. This does well with managing your natural body heat while allowing the heat to move out. The pores around the mattress surface ensure that the heat will not stick around for too long as the bed feels a little more relaxed and under control.


  • Adapts well to your body’s position
  • Soft surface all around
  • Takes in cool air well and keeps you comfortable as you sleep


  • The surface might be too hard for some people to sleep on
  • Not all that easy to move from one end of the room to the next

Buying Guide

What Is Latex About?

The main point to see about Dunlopillo’s mattresses is that they are made with latex materials. Latex is an emulsion compound that is produced naturally by trees. The compound can be prepared into a rubber-like surface. Latex is prominent for being a soft surface that relaxes your body and supports your joints, thus reducing pains. This is also an allergen-free compound that resists dust mites and mold among other items.

Latex is popular for being a green compound. Rubber trees naturally produce latex and can replenish their latex stores after the compound is harvested off of those trees. Therefore, this does not require the use of bothersome plastics, metals, or other items that are not easily renewable.

Firm or Soft?

Dunlopillo offers an assortment of mattresses in firm and soft forms. The two styles are different in many ways:

  • A firm mattress supports the natural position of your spinal column. This also reduces pressure on your circulation system. The firm design also works best for people who struggle to inhale oxygen while sleeping. This option works well for those who sleep on their backs.
  • A soft mattress keeps back pain under control. The mattress is useful for keeping pains around your joints from being worse. The surface also works best for people who sleep on their sides.

Review the Size

Dunlopillo makes its mattresses in seven sizes. These are measured by weight and by the number of centimeters on each side. The mattresses go from a smaller 75x200cm model weighing 23kg to a larger 180×200 unit featuring a weight of 54kg.

The mattresses are 200cm or 78 inches in length for the most part, but some models are slightly smaller at 190cm. That smaller length may work well in more compact bedrooms or for shorter users.

What Is Actipro?

Dunlopillo has not been too open over what the Actipro system uses in particular to produce a comfortable space for a user to sleep on. But the system works by providing the body with protection against many allergens, odors, and dust mites. The covering ensures a softer and cleaner sleeping surface that is easier for the user to enjoy sleeping on.

Maintenance Points

Traditional spray-based cleaners and soaps can be used on the fabric covering the main body of the mattress. This can work well to clean off the surface without impacting the latex surface that supports the space. It is best to have a thick mattress cover sheet over the Dunlopillo mattress to keep the impact of stains or other items from being too significant while using the mattress.

Also, most Dunlopillo mattresses do not require you to rotate or turn the mattress. Some firmer choices with thicker bodies would require you to rotate the surface on occasion to keep the surface from settling. You don’t have to do this too often though; you can rotate the mattress every three to six months if needed. The support offered by the mattress should be consistent regardless of the alignment you are using.


Many of the mattresses from Dunlopillo are made with many of the same features. These include the seven comfort zones that keep your body comfortable and the breathable open cell structure of the mattress. The main key about these mattresses is that they vary based on the firmness or softness of each model. In short, you will surely find a mattress that has ideal features that are comfortable for your use no matter what model you choose. The best option for use will be based on how firm or soft you want your mattress to be.

The choices you have to work with when finding a Dunlopillo mattress are diverse and should be noted for how well they may work. Each of the mattress options you have to work with includes several quality features that will provide you with a great night’s sleep. Be sure to consider which options work for you based on how soft or firm you want your mattress to be.

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