Sealy Cobalt Hybrid Reviews and a Look at Other Hybrid Mattresses

Sealy has been making many quality beds for years, but some of the best mattresses that you can find from the company include models in the Sealy Hybrid line.

The Hybrid series of mattresses from the company include many great options including the Sealy Cobalt Hybrid model. You can find many choices in the Hybrid line, but you should look around to see what options are suitable for the desires that you have when you aim to get a good rest on a mattress.

You can find many details on mattresses from the company when you look for Sealy Cobalt Hybrid reviews. But when finding points within those reviews, you need to find a bed that is comfortable and will give you the best night’s sleep you can enjoy.

sealy hybrid mattress

What Makes the Hybrid Line Special?

The Hybrid series of mattresses from Sealy are among the most popular choices you can find. The Sealy Hybrid mattress uses a mix of innerspring materials and memory foam. The features within a Hybrid mattress include the following points:

  • The DuraFlex Coil Edge System provides a flexible coil border. The setup offers more support on the edges of the bed. As a result, your mattress provides you with more space for sleeping.
  • The Sealy Immersion memory foam responds to weight slower than other foam items. The open cell layout on the foam adds a better space for sleep while responding well to the body’s weight.
  • The top cover allows air to move through so the mattress will not become too warm. This feature is called the DuoChill Cooling System.
  • There are a slightly greater number of coils within the middle part of the bed. These extra coils provide you with more support for sleeping.
  • The AllergenProtect surface adds a soft and easy to wash off the body that prevents allergens from sticking around. Dust mites and other particles will not stay on the mattress when maintained well enough.

4 Best Sealy Hybrid Mattress Reviews

This listing of Sealy Hybrid mattress reviews includes many attractive options worth looking into. Let’s look at some of the special options right now.

Sealy Posturepedic Hybrid Cobalt Firm Reviews

Sealy Posturepedic Cobalt Mattress

The first choice for you to use is the Hybrid Cobalt firm model. This mattress is 13 inches thick and includes a gel memory foam feature on the top part. The surface adds an extra bit of support for your body.

The mix of springs and foam make this mattress great, but one point to see in Sealy Cobalt Hybrid reviews entails how these two parts work. The Sealy Embrace Premier Coil system offers around 20 percent more coils than what you would find in an average mattress. The coils respond to your natural sleeping position quite well. Motion transfer issues become less of a threat when you use this mattress.

Meanwhile, the top part of the mattress features multiple layers of memory foam gel. The foam provides you with a cool surface as the mattress allows air to move well. This point in Sealy Posturepedic Hybrid Cobalt reviews is vital as it provides more flexibility for anyone who needs to sleep well.

The SolidEdge HD system produces a thicker series of edges with those edges being about 2.5 inches thick. This works alongside the 3-inch padding on the rest of the bed. The SolidEdge HD setup uses this thicker edge layout to ensure you have more space to relax on while sleeping.


  • The coils are laid out to produce more physical support
  • The foam responds quickly to body weight
  • Air flows well around the mattress


  • Can develop body depressions if too much weight is added for too long
  • Can be too soft for some users

Sealy Posturepedic Hybrid Gold Reviews

Sealy Posturepedic Gold Ultra Plush

You can utilize the Gold mattress in the Hybrid line if you want something a little softer and easier to sleep on. The Gold mattress features a 14.5-inch ultra-plush style.

The padding is slightly deeper on this model versus the Cobalt. The Gold uses a 3.5-inch padding while 2.5-inch edges create a comfortable surface for sleeping.

Many Sealy Posturepedic Hybrid Gold reviews will show that the Gold mattress adds a slight balance between the coils. These coils are laid out well along the middle part of the mattress for a better fit.


  • The soft surface responds well to the body’s movements
  • The coils mix well with the foam for an even amount of coverage
  • The cool surface does not overheat


  • Can be too deep for some people to sleep on
  • The texture on the top of the mattress is not overly distinct

Sealy Posturepedic Copper Plush

Sealy Posturepedic Copper Plush

The Copper mattress is the next choice in the Hybrid line to see. The model is a 13.5-inch plush mattress. The Copper layout is not as soft as the Gold mattress, but it does offer enough of a soft surface that mixes well with a firm layout all around.

The fabric on the mattress stretches well and allows for enough air for it to breath. This feature keeps the bed from overheating while in use.

In terms of how the SolidEdge HD system works, this model uses the 3-inch pad and edge. The equal depth of each piece is worth checking out.


  • Great mix between firm and soft surfaces on the body
  • The top surface is dense to keep allergens from building up
  • Added space for sleeping


  • Can be tough to wash off at times
  • Not easy to adjust in angle

Sealy Posturepedic Silver Plush

Sealy Posturepedic Silver Plush

The last of the four types of Hybrid mattresses to see from Sealy is the Silver model. This one uses a plush surface like what the Copper bed uses, but the Silver has a 14.5-inch depth. This thicker model still uses the same 3-inch padding and edge system. In short, the plush space has a slightly deeper tone and will last for a little longer.

The fabric underneath the mattresses stretches quite well based on your movements. This prevents the mattress from stretching too much or otherwise being hard to sit on. The added fabric is vital for keeping your mattress easy to sleep on as it keeps a shield over the foam and coils.


  • Comfortable texture
  • Grabs onto fitted sheets well
  • Air flows well along the mattress body


  • Can be too tall to support some basic fitted sheets
  • Can develop indentations over time

A Final Note

Each of these Hybrid mattresses from Sealy is different in many forms. Some are firm and others are plush. The thickness of the padding features will vary by model as well. But no matter what you choose, you will find a mattress that offers a comfortable body that you will love to sleep on. Be sure to look at each of these models to help you find something of value for your life.

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