A Privacy Pop Tent Bed Review With Kids In Mind

You can find many appealing beds that provide kids with a sense of privacy while camping out. There are also some fun portable beds for kids to use when they are sleeping over with their friends. But there is one option that is more interesting in its style. This model is known as the Privacy Pop tent bed.

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This Privacy Pop Tent Bed review will help you to see that this type of bed is perfect for your kids to use. This tent bed features an appealing body where a small opening can be found on the longer sides of the tent while the other sides have small windows. You can use zipper-based covers on all of these to produce a protective and secretive space for anyone to rest in.

You can trust a Privacy Pop tent bed for your kids regardless of whether it’s to be added inside your kid’s room, if you want something for a sleepover, or if you need something useful for camping needs. Let’s look at some of the specific things about a Privacy Pop tent bed that make it a special choice for your kids to utilize.

Sizing For Kids

Privacy Pop makes its tent beds with many sizing needs in mind. You can find a twin-size tent that can fit a basic twin mattress. The twin tent is 78 inches long by 39 inches wide. A Twin XL layout that is two inches longer can work too.

A toddler-size tent can also work. The toddler size tent is 53 inches long by 27 inches wide. This is useful for smaller children and can work well for when they’re aiming to stay indoors.

What Type of Bed?

You can get any type of bed that your kids might utilize to fit inside a Privacy Pop tent, although this is based on whether that bed can fit into the tent based on size. You can get a sleeping bag, camp cot, inflatable mattress, or foldable foam bed added into the tent.

A Fun Space For All

privacy pop bed tent for kids

The zippered spots on the sides and the windows are all good things to feature. To use these, your kids would have to remove the fabric from the fasteners on the top and then use the zipper to close up either side or either window. Kids can secure the excess fabric on the top through the simple fasteners.

Parents can get access to the zippers too. The zippers are double-sided, thus ensuring they can be accessed from inside and outside the tent.

Lots of Fun Colors

An intriguing part of what Privacy Pop offers for kids is that their tents come in many colors. You can find tents in colors like black, blue, red, pink, green, lavender, gold, and sky blue among many others. Be advised that some sizes are not available based on the color, but most kid-friendly sizes should be included on a majority of these colors.

What About Washing?

Kids can be messy, so it is no surprise that you might need to consider washing off the bed tent every once in a while. The good news is that the Privacy Pop tent bed is easy to clean off. You can get it washed with soap and water to take care of the surface quite well. This is easy to use, but you should ensure you don’t do anything overly rough with your tent bed. The bed is not going to work well in a machine.

How About Assembly?

You’ll have to get the tent bed assembled yourself, but Privacy Pop has made it easy for you to do this. The assembly provides you with a sturdy body thanks to a series of poles you will add into the slim support areas on the tent’s body. The poles can be set up in moments to create a better surface. Your kids will not be likely to poke around the surface and cause it to come loose.

A Final Note

Privacy Pop bed tents are appealing for kids to play with. These bed tents are fun and unique while offering great spots for kids to sleep in no matter where they might go. The fun style and appealing colors of the tent make it a hit among kids. We hope this Privacy Pop bed tent review has helped you to see what makes this product intriguing for kids to use.

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