What Can You Choose Among the Best Neck and Shoulder Massagers?

Best Neck and Shoulder Massagers

All that work you put in each day can put in lots of stress and pressure into your neck and shoulders. That pain could be significant if you work at a desk and stare at a computer screen all day. Even those who drive around all day might experience neck and shoulder pains. Sometimes you might sleep improperly and not even be aware of it, thus making it harder for your neck and shoulders to feel their best.

The worst part is that you might struggle to try and keep your neck and shoulder relaxed. It is not all that easy to try and target these areas around your body. But the good news is that you can use some of the best neck and shoulder massagers out there today to keep your body from feeling all those pains.

Best Neck and Shoulder Massagers

Five S Shiatsu Neck and Back Massager

Five S Shiatsu Neck and Back Massager

This first choice among the best neck and shoulder massagers features eight kneading rollers. These rollers will work well alongside your neck and back and produce a gentle rotating motion that triggers more spaces around the neck and back. You can adjust the direction of each rotating feature.

You can add heat to the massager by pressing a simple button. The heat button lets you produce a bit of extra warmth to the area, thus relaxing your muscles and relieving your pains.


  • Includes AC and car adapters
  • Shuts down automatically after fifteen minutes
  • The one-button approach simplifies how you can control the massager


  • The heat does not come in multiple intensities
  • May be dangerous on bare skin

InvoSpa Shiatsu Back Neck and Shoulder Massager With Heat

InvoSpa Shiatsu Back Neck and Shoulder Massager With Heat

The InvoSpa massager offers eight massaging roller balls on its body. Four of these balls are large while the other four are small. These can be aligned around your body to target some of the smallest muscles that need to be worked upon.

You can use one of three strength levels on this massager to produce the right amount of pressure on your body. The rollers can also move in either a counterclockwise or clockwise layout depending on your needs.

Infrared heat is also added onto the skin if desired. You can add heat onto your skin to relax and feel comfortable while using the massager.


  • Simple control scheme
  • The strap surface feels comfortable on your body
  • Folds up well into an included carrying bag


  • The cord for use is small
  • Takes a bit for heat to be produced

Fitfirst Neck and Shoulder Massager

Fitfirst Neck Massager

The kneading features on this Fitfirst massager provide you with a relaxed Shiatsu massage all the way through. The relaxing control works with four large and four small rollers that move along your body. The rollers will relieve your muscles quite well.

The heat function on the massager is comfortable, but the features inside the massager ensure that the heat will not go on for too long. An overheating protection sensor will shut down the massager if the heat becomes too intense. Also, the massager will automatically shut down after fifteen minutes, thus preventing the surface from being too intense or hot.

Three speed modes are included on this massager. The mesh fabric surface also adds a relaxed space that you will love to use. You can also put your hands into the small handle spaces on the ends to create a good surface that helps you anchor the massager accordingly.


  • The control feature is easy to access on the side
  • Quick response for heat
  • Easy to switch between the original charger and the car charger


  • May not work as well on other parts of the body as it does with the back and shoulders
  • Not many rotating options on the roller heads

SunlitLife Cordless Massager

SunlitLife Cordless Massager

You can choose this option from SunlitLife if you are looking for a cordless unit that is easy to transport and use. The SunlitLife cordless massager offers a body that straps around your chest and will fit around the neck and shoulders if adjusted accordingly. Velcro is used on the straps to create an adjustable fit that secures itself well onto your body when used right. The control mechanism is included on the shoulder area to help you adjust how well this model operates.

A lithium-ion battery is found inside the massager. To use this, you will need to charge the massager up for about three hours. The battery will run for 90 minutes after it is charged up. The massager also automatically shuts off after fifteen minutes of use, thus ensuring you don’t waste the battery power too quickly.

Twelve massage heads are found inside this cordless massager model. The massage heads come in multiple sizes, thus simulating a natural Shiatsu massage.


  • The soft polyurethane cover adds a relaxed feeling onto your body
  • The model changes the kneading direction every minute
  • Overheating protection keeps you from feeling too hot


  • May be tough to adjust onto your body
  • Takes a while to power up

Naipo Shiatsu Pillow Massager

Naipo Shiatsu Pillow Massager

You also have the option to use a comfortable pillow massager to allow your muscles to relax. This Naipo Shiatsu Pillow Massager provides a body that you can place on the back of a seat or mattress. You would then apply your neck and shoulders onto the surface to create a comfortable massaging surface. You can even get this added onto the headrest area of your car seat.

The W-shape design of the pillow fits naturally alongside your shoulders. The four massaging heads will move well along your skin as well.

The power mechanism uses a simple layout. You will press the button to turn on the massager and start using the heating mechanism. Meanwhile, you would pressure the button a second time to allow the massager to work without adding heat. You can turn off the massager by holding the button down for three seconds.

The massager will take care of your neck, upper and lower back areas, and many other spaces. The massager works for about twenty minutes before it automatically shuts off, thus keeping it from becoming too warm. The overheating protection system makes for a comfortable space. The massager also automatically goes from a counterclockwise to a clockwise direction as it massages your neck and shoulders.


  • The surface rolls over your back and shoulders evenly
  • Easy to affix onto many surfaces
  • Works with both a wall power unit and a car charger


  • The cords for use are short in length.
  • Not as many rollers for a precise treatment as what other models offer

Massagers Buying Guide

Power Support

Your back and neck massager will require a power source for it to work accordingly. Some massagers operate off of batteries, but other use a power outlet. The outlet option may be best as it provides an unlimited amount of power, but you would need to watch for the cord that links to your massager. The cord needs to be long enough to offer a bit of flexibility and control over how the massager works. Look for a model that offers a car adapter if you need something that works while you travel long distances.

Control Functions

Many massagers come with multiple speeds, heat settings, motion layouts, and much more. A quality model will come with a design where you can quickly control the speed and setup. Sometimes the button will trigger a single motion with just one push, but others require a combination of presses for you to get a massager to work right.

Is a Heater Included?

A heater may be found in some back and neck massagers. A heater will add a bit of warmth to your muscles. This helps to relieve muscle pains. The heat may also promote healthy blood circulation. The heater should be reviewed based on how intense the warmth is and that the unit can produce heat quickly. Also, any heater features you use should work when you have the proper clothes on as the warmth might be too intense on bare skin.

Look For Handles

Some back and neck massagers come with handles that you can use. With these, you would place your hands into a series of openings to support the massager as it lies along your neck and back. This works best if you are cautious with the handles and you do not add far too much pressure to your back and shoulders while using the massager.

How Does a Shiatsu Massage Work?

You can find massagers that feature Shiatsu massage functions. The Shiatsu massage style is inspired by traditional Japanese acupuncture art. The process uses pressure added to specific parts of the neck and shoulders. By applying pressure, the energy within these parts of the body will flow well.

The Shiatsu process works with the rollers on the massager moving along your back in a circular motion. The rollers will simulate the natural movements you might experience when getting a message. The comfortable feeling you will get out of the Shiatsu massage makes this a good choice for your relaxation needs.

Can a Pillow Work?

Many of these products come in pillow forms. A pillow design provides you with a comfortable surface that you can support with your back and shoulders. You may struggle with trying to get the massager to work on specific parts of your muscles though. Watch for how you will apply one of these massagers onto your body when trying to keep yourself feeling relaxed.

Our Verdict

Each of these neck and shoulder massagers is appealing, but the best choice to use is the InvoSpa Shiatsu Back Neck and Shoulder Massager With Heat. The useful design of this massager provides you with a smooth surface that is easy to add onto your back and shoulder. The variety of rollers and the comfortable and easy to adjust setup will make for a good surface you are bound to love.

But no matter what you choose, you will find that there are many appealing choices out there to see when looking for the best neck and shoulder massagers out there. The choices that are out there are diverse and will provide you with a more comfortable approach to keeping your body relaxed. Besides, you should not have to struggle with lots of back pain issues for far too long.

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