A Closer Look At Disc-O-Bed Reviews

Having a portable bed can be important for many intentions. You might need such a bed for camping desires or for when you’ve got someone coming to your property to stay over on short notice. Perhaps you might need an emergency bed for cases where an evacuation has to take place.


Whatever the case may be, you can find the Disc-O-Bed to be a necessity for your use. The Disc-O-Bed is a bed designed for use in camping sites and other places where beds need to be added on short notice.

The Disc-O-Bed was designed to be a flexible and easy to use bunk bed that you can transport anywhere. You may come across many details in Disc-O-Bed reviews, but it is vital to take a look at several things with regards to the bed surface.

The Basic Specs

The first thing to notice when reading Disc-O-Bed reviews entails an analysis of the specifics of the bed. One strong point about the bed is that it features a sturdy powder-coated steel frame. The anti-rust frame supports more weight than many other models.

The 600D polyester fabric on the cot is critical to its functionality. The polyester surface offers a smooth space for sleeping that does not irritate the skin. The dense thread count ensures the bed space will not wear out over time. You can always add a blanket to go on top of the fabric covering if you wish too.

A PVC coating is also included on the cot surface. The added coating keeps the sleeping spot from wearing out while outside. The sun’s rays will not be likely to harm the polyester fabric.

A small riser can be found on both ends of each cot. These are designed to support the polyester fabric. You can add a separate pillow onto either end if needed.

How Much Room For Sleeping?

The Disc-O-Bed has enough room for people to sleep comfortably with, but the total amount of space available for sleeping will vary based on the model you choose. The large version of the Disc-O-Bed can handle 500 pounds on each cot. The design offers a sleeping area of 79 inches in length by 28 inches in width. The bottom cot is 11 inches high while the top one is 32 inches above the ground.

The height of each cot offers a good space for sleeping. It is easy to get onto the top part without having to climb up on anything. Meanwhile, the bottom cot has enough room for a person to sleep without being distracted. Also, the frame on the bed ensures that you will not have any difficult bars in the middle of the sleeping space, thus seeing that you will have a better night’s sleep.

The extra-large version of the Disc-O-Bed can handle 500 pounds on each cot, but there is more sleeping space here. The sleeping area is 35 inches wide on this model.

A 2XL version is available for big and tall users. The layout can handle 600 pounds on each cot while the sleeping area is 85 inches long and 39.5 inches wide. The top space is 40 inches above the ground while the bottom sleeping area is 15.5 inches up.

Can You Add Organizers?

Some versions of the Disc-O-Bed feature organizers. These are applied onto one side of the bed. These organizers are colored to match up with the rest of the bed. You will find a small series of pockets on these organizers to help you with securing whatever it is you want to store at a time. These compartments include a mix of solid polyester spaces and some open mesh spots that you can see through.

You can use these as helpful storage spaces for any intention. The area might be useful for things like a spot for someone to keep one’s glasses in or a small alarm clock among other things.

disc o bed review

Assembly Points

The Disc-O-Bed comes with all the parts you need for assembly. To set up the Disc-O-Bed, you need to attach the mat to the appropriate frame. This entails securing a series of bars to keep the cot surface intact.

The bottom cot is assembled with a series of legs that affix themselves to the ground and keep the cot in its space. The cot would rise a few inches off of the ground to keep you comfortable while using it.

The second cot is supported by a series of bars to keep it upright. The bars are on the sides with a series of securing anchors used to support the weight of whoever is on the upper part. The design layout ensures that the Disc-O-Bed will remain intact and stay in its place.

Some pins are used in the assembly process to help you identify how well the installation process is going. You should hear some clicking sounds to let you know when the pins within the bed are aligned.

It takes a bit of time to get the Disc-O-Bed assembled. You might have to spend about ten to fifteen minutes to get it ready the first time around. But after you get the hang of how the Disc-O-Bed works, you should be able to get it assembled in much less time.

Alignment Into a Seat

One dynamic part of the Disc-O-Bed worth noting involves how the bed can be aligned to start working as a seat. In this case, the top part of the Disc-O-Bed can be removed from the main anchor spot. One half of the bed will still have its disc-shaped support on the top, but the other half will have the support on the bottom end. This allows the top cot to fold back to produce a seat-like arrangement.

The folding feature is great for daytime use as people can enjoy sitting back and relaxing on the bed. This is useful for keeping a comfortable layout that all people will enjoy sleeping on.

Locking straps are needed to support this layout feature on the bed. Such straps can be applied to help create a comfortable space where the bed will remain intact with nothing possibly slipping out of the surface area.

What About Taking It Apart?

You can take down the bed in a few minutes after you are done using it. The bed is quick to clear away as it only takes about a moment for you to remove all the supports and other features around the bed. After you take the bed apart, you can secure the parts in the accompanying bag.

The bag includes several storage spaces that perfectly fit each of the bed’s parts. Some straps are included to secure some of the metal pieces. You can also fold up each polyester cot fabric and secure it in an included bag to keep the surface from tearing up.

This is a useful feature of the bed that makes it easy for you to secure in a place, but it will be tough to carry around. The basic Disc-O-Bed weighs about 60 pounds with larger versions of the bed weighing even more. The bag does come with handles, but you might need to ask for extra help with carrying the bag around.


One thing to note about the Disc-O-Bed reviews that you will come across is that they all have one thing in common. These beds are designed to be easy to apply and set up in any space of note. You can get your bed prepared for use in just a matter of moments no matter where you need to get that bed ready at.

See what the Disc-O-Bed can do for you when you are looking for an appealing sleeping surface. You will find that the Disc-O-Bed can work wonders for all your sleeping demands.

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