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How to Clean a Memory Foam Pillow

As great as a memory foam pillow can be for your sleeping needs, you will need to maintain it well so your pillow can last for as long as possible. You have to look at a few points for how to clean a memory foam pillow so the surface will stay comfortable and relaxed. But don’t forget that you will need to replace it after a while. Cleaning off the pillow simply makes it easier for you to get the most out of that pillow during its lifespan.

How to Clean a Memory Foam Pillow

Points For Cleaning Off Your Pillow

You can use these cleaning steps to improve upon how long your memory foam pillow can last for:

Step 1

  1. Remove any protective covers you have from the pillow. These covers can be washed like any other pillowcase, although you must allow any cover to dry well.

Don’t forget to follow the appropriate washing instructions for cleaning the surface based on what the label on something says.

Step 2

  1. Add baking soda onto the pillow’s surface. Add a sprinkling of it on one side and allow the baking soda to rest for about an hour before vacuuming it off with a small upholstery brush attached to a larger vacuum.
  2. Repeat the process on the other side of the pillow.

Step 3

Baking soda can remove the odors off of your pillow. Any dust that might be stuck on your pillow can be cleared out with baking soda too.

  1. Add mild water into a small bucket. The water can be slightly warm, but it should not be overly intense.
  2. Add a mild detergent into the bucket. Avoid anything that might be too harsh or powerful as that might hurt the build of your pillow.
  3. Dip a cloth into the detergent and water mixture.
  4. Apply the water and detergent onto the pillow through the cloth. Move the cloth from the middle or center part to the outside areas of the pillow.

Step 4

Target any noticeable stains on the pillow first. Cleaning off these stains as soon as they develop its vital for keeping the pillow feeling fresh.

  1. Add a separate cloth into a bucket of plain water and apply that onto the pillow the gently rinse off the surface.
  2. Allow the pillow to dry. Air-drying is best for keeping the pillow intact without adding lots of heat onto its body.

how to wash memory foam pillow

You may also consider mildly squeezing parts of the pillow to allow some water to come out a little faster. But whatever you do, avoid wringing the pillow or else you would inflict undue stress onto the surface.

Your effort for how to clean a memory foam pillow should be planned accordingly. You will find that your pillow will feel great when you take good care of it.

Avoid a Washing Machine and Dryer

Remember when cleaning a memory foam pillow that you avoid adding it into a washing machine. Using a washing machine to clean off such a pillow will stretch out the foam and cause the pillow to break apart.

Meanwhile, the heat produced by a dryer can wear out the foam material and even burn off some parts. It is fine to use a heat-free hair dryer to dry out the foam if needed, but air-drying the surface is best.

How Long Do Memory Foam Pillows Last?

You have to understand that even when you clean off your pillow well enough, your memory foam pillow is not going to last forever. Like with any other pillow out there, your memory foam pillow will surely wear out and stop feeling as soft or comfortable as it should be after a while.

So, how long do memory foam pillows last? You can expect a pillow like this to last for about 18 to 24 months. This is much longer than the six to nine months a traditional pillow can last for, but a memory foam model is different as that one has a deeper structure to it, thus allowing the pillow to last longer and feel better.

The materials in your memory foam pillow will begin to sag after a while, thus requiring you to replace it. Even all that cleaning you perform to keep your pillow feeling fresh and flexible can take its toll on your pillow.

steps to clean memory foam pillow

How Often Should You Replace Your Memory Foam Pillow?

You have to work well with your pillow and get it replaced often. But your plans for how often to replace memory foam pillow items can vary.

The best thing to do is to replace a memory foam pillow every 12 to 18 months. This might be less time than the general standard for how long a pillow will last for, but it is a suitable timeframe when you consider how well a pillow can be built.

Be sure you look at what you are doing when cleaning off a memory foam pillow and making it comfortable. You have to look at how well you maintain such a pillow and get it cleaned off so you can get the most out of such a special surface like this.

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