Affordable Non-Toxic Mattress Options for Your Bedroom

Did you know that the mattress you are sleeping on might be hurting you? This isn’t something you would want to think about, what with the mattress you have contained many compounds that might do more to harm your body than anything. But the truth is that your mattress can hurt you without you even knowing it.

The good news is that you can find a non-toxic mattress for use in your home. You might be curious as to why you need to find an affordable organic mattress though. But the fact is that there are many things that will go into a good mattress and how well it may be laid out for any desire you might have. Let’s explain why it is so important to have one and what you can find when getting a quality model.

how to find the best non toxic mattress

What Causes an Average Mattress To Be Harmful?

There are many reasons why the materials inside your mattress might be more harmful than what you might expect. The toxins you may find in mattress surfaces can do more to harm your body than you might think they could. Just look at some of the materials that you might find in a mattress that could be a threat to your life:

  • Polyurethane materials used in many foam-based mattresses are petroleum-based compounds. These items break down over time, thus causing VOCs to be released from off of your bed. Neurotoxins like toluene are among the more dangerous compounds that can be released from off of your mattress. Such VOCs can harm your liver, kidneys, and nervous system.
  • Styrene is used in some synthetic latex mattresses. This is another VOC that will harm your body. Styrene can not only cause organ damage but may also contribute to hearing loss.
  • Boric acid and other chemical flame retardants are frequently added to mattresses to make them safer. But boric acid can impair the thyroid gland and harm the nervous system, thus canceling out any possible benefits it could have.
  • Vinyl contains toxic surfaces that can trigger allergies. Dioxin is also released by vinyl; this compound may cause birth defects or hurt a developing child’s brain.
  • Metal springs might also cause EMF waves to become more intense, thus increasing your risk of developing various cancers.
  • Don’t forget about how a traditional mattress can build up dust over time. That dust can trigger allergies and even increase the risk of mold developing in a spot.

The threats that come with these chemicals will hurt your body over time. But you do not have to struggle with such dangerous chemicals, as you can use a non toxic mattress in your home instead.

What Will a Non-Toxic Mattress Feature?

The threats that come with having a mattress with all of those compounds on its body are significant. But that does not mean you have to bear with those issues for too long. The best non toxic mattress you can find will give you a better night’s sleep without risking your body in the long term.

So, what makes a chemical free mattress so useful other than the fact that it does not contain those dangerous compounds?

  • An organic mattress is less likely to take in allergens and other harmful particles that can irritate your body. The risk of dust, mold, and other items coming in will be minimal.
  • An organic surface is also durable. The risk of fibers breaking down over time will be minimal
  • No flame retardants are needed on an organic mattress. A non toxic model is naturally flame resistant.
  • The surface on your mattress is flexible enough to handle all the pressure you might add onto the mattress.
  • Your temperature will be easier to regulate when you sleep on a non toxic mattress.

All of these features on a non-toxic mattress make this an ideal item to have in your bedroom. But as you look for such a mattress, you have to watch for what you can find. The good news is that there are many types of mattress that you can find, as the next section here will show.

Common Types of Non-Toxic Mattresses

Some of the main types of nontoxic mattresses that you will find on the market include the following:

  • Orangic latex. Organic latex mattresses are popular for using soft materials that are map from the sap of the rubber tree. This does not contain any pesticides or chemicals like what synthetic latex might feature, and yet it still features the same physical qualities.
  • Plant-derived natural memory foam. Such models are available are replacements to synthetic models. Plant-based oils are added in lieu of petroleum in the construction of a memory foam mattress in this case. The compounds added can reduce the possibility of odors developing on the surface.
  • Fiber. Natural fiber mattresses come with thick fibers that create a soft bed and are flexible enough to handle your weight while still retaining its shape after you get off.
  • Wool. Organic wool is often used on the top part of a mattress. Wool keeps the mattress feeling cool and uses the lanolin wax compound to keep moisture from building up on its body.
  • Cotton. Organic cotton is often softer and lasts longer than cotton materials that have been treated with chemical additives.

Each option for your bedroom comes with various features and qualities. Be sure you look around and compare choices with one another to see what may work the best for your bedroom.

Look For GOTS and GOLS Mattresses

You have to look for GOTS and GOLS certified mattress products when finding the best affordable non-toxic mattress for your home.

A Global Organic Textile Standard or GOTS mattress has at least 70 percent organic fibers and has been thoroughly tested for safety. A manufacturing site must also feature a wastewater treatment plant for the safety of the raw materials.

A Global Organic Latex Standard or GOLS certified mattress will contain at least 95 percent organic materials. This works mainly with latex-based beds in mind.

These are not the only certifications to look for as you find a mattress for your bedroom, but they are among the best choices to notice. Be aware of how well these might work for you when you look for a quality surface that is guaranteed to be organic and safe to sleep on.

Other Certifications

There are some additional certifications to notice when finding a non toxic twin mattress. These are designed with not only manufacturing standards in mind but also for how the factories that make these mattresses operate:

  • USDA. The United States Department of Agriculture requires products to have at least 95 percent organic ingredients for the organization to certify a product as an organic material.
  • Oeko-Tex. The International Association for Research and Testing in the Field of Textile and Leather Ecology requires materials to be made within factories with wastewater treatment spaces. Factories must also avoid producing excess air emissions in the manufacturing process.
  • Cradle to Cradle. This certification standard focuses on organic mattresses for babies and infants. The organization certifies materials made with organic and natural wool, cotton, and latex materials.

Can a Safe Mattress Still Use Metal Springs?

You would be hard-pressed to find an organic mattress that comes with metal springs on the inside. Some models are completely foam-based, but metal springs are often used just as well as they are a little more stable and are also cheaper for people to use.

This does not mean that these mattresses are bad. Many mattress companies are using recycled metal materials where many of their toxins have been burned off already. More importantly, the risk of harmful waves being produced by the mattress as it sits in your space will be minimal. This should make the mattress a little safer than another metal spring one that hasn’t been certified as being organic.

The Three Key Parts

No matter what you utilize for getting a mattress ready, you must look at the three vital parts that come with a great surface:

  1. Cover. The cover needs to be made with an organic fabric to keep your skin comfortable without risking allergy-related problems.
  2. Top layer. The top layer will be a few inches thick and should include a good filling that adds a soft surface. This layer can be around two to three inches thick.
  3. Supporting body. Depending on what you find here, you may come across either a soft foam-based material or a series of recycled metal coils. This is much thicker as it is around six to ten inches in size.

Be aware of how well your mattress is laid out before you buy it. The next section will focus heavily on the various choices you have to work with when finding something of value to you.

What Are the Best Eco-Friendly Mattress Options?

You can find some appealing organic mattresses on today’s market. You might be surprised at how affordable eco-friendly mattress surfaces are today, not to mention how diverse all of these options are.

Smith and Oliver Organic Cotton Mattress

Smith and Oliver Organic Cotton Mattress

Image Source:

The first choice to find when getting a mattress is this Smith and Oliver model. The mattress uses plant-based oils instead of petroleum in its foam surface. An organic plush cotton surface is also added to provide you with a more relaxed surface to enjoy as you get some rest.

The 12-inch body on this mattress includes a series of recycled pocket springs. These springs are evenly spaced out to add a better surface to sleep on.



Ikea Morgongava Natural Latex Mattress

Ikea Morgongava Natural Latex Mattress

Image Source:

You can always look for Ikea mattress reviews when finding something of value for use in your home. In particular, Ikea has outlawed the use of flame retardant materials in its mattress.

The Morgongava mattress is one organic surface to find from Ikea. The natural latex surface provides you with a soft surface that is flexible and adds extra support for your body to relax on. Organic wool and cotton are also added to create a good surface that is easy to add. An added soft filling provides you with an extra bit of comfort over the surface, thus making it even easier for you to relax on.

The mattress can be quickly added into any mattress and will only take a few moments for it to be made ready. The lightweight body of the mattress also ensures you will not struggle with trying to move it in your home as desired.



Lifekind Sorell Organic Rubber Mattress

Lifekind Sorell Organic Mattress

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A Lifekind mattress is one good choice to take a look at when finding a non toxic twin mattress or something larger. Lifekind makes many organic bedding surfaces with the Sorell being one useful option. This is a rubber latex surface that comes with a pocket coil layout.

The eight-inch pocket coils are individually encased with an organic cotton envelope. The coils are supported by a three-inch rubber-tree latex surface. You can find this in a firm or medium-firm layout.

The coils respond well to your weight and keep you comfortable as you try to get some sleep. An organic cotton cover is also added to create a good body.



Lifekind Astar Mattress-In-A-Box

Lifekind Astar Mattress-In-A-Box

Image Source:


Lifekind also makes this organic mattress, but it is intriguing in that it is packaged in a box and can be opened up at home to reveal a sturdy mattress in a firmness or size of your choosing. This model also comes with eight-inch coils and a three-inch rubber-tree latex material. An organic wool cover is also included. In other words, this is around the same as what you would get out of the Sorell, but this is packaged in a box to make it easier for you to fix into a room. This especially works if you need a queen or king-size mattress that might otherwise be difficult for you to fit into your home.



Loom and Leaf Mattress

Loom and Leaf Mattress

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This next mattress choice is not necessarily a specific type of mattress model but rather one that you can build to be your own model. In particular, you can select everything that goes into a custom-made mattress.

Loom and Leaf gives you the option to choose from six mattress sizes and from a relaxed or firm design. A foundation of 4.75 or 8.75 inches can also be utilized. But no matter what you find, you will get an organic mattress make with natural fabric fibers and a soft organic latex surface.

Each mattress also works with the Lineal adjustable base. Designed by Saatva, the company behind the Loom and Leaf brand, this base lets you adjust the elevation of different parts of the mattress. This can move the back end of the mattress up to create a rest that conforms to your body shape. This may also help you out if you struggle with getting out of bed in the morning and you need extra assistance with getting out.


My Green Mattress Pure Echo

My Green Mattress

Image Source:

The Pure Echo is a model designed by My Green Mattress, a company that makes organic mattresses in the United States. The Pure Echo features strong lumbar support on a medium-firm body. A three-zone pocketed coil system is used here to keep the mattress feeling fresh and easy to rest on. Organic cotton materials are found above the coils to add protection and a soft surface. An organic wool surface works on the outside part to keep you comfortable without risking overheating.

This mattress is versatile enough to where you can place it on many surfaces and get a good night’s rest. This may be added onto a box spring foundation or another short platform. You can always place the mattress on the floor if you prefer too.


Happsy Organic Mattress

Happsy Mattress

Image Source:

Happsy produces comfortable bedding materials, but it is the organic mattress from the company that is the most popular item for people to find from this group. Happsy makes this mattress with a sturdy organic base that includes a natural latex surface for added comfort and flexibility. You can also get a two-inch latex topper that matches up with the rest of the mattress if desired to give you an extra bit of comfort as you get to sleep.

This mattress is also packed inside of a box for you to open as you get the surface ready. The simple design of the mattress gives you a full layout that lets you get the mattress out over a larger space as necessary.



Casper Mattress

Casper Mattress

Image Source:

Casper has been selling its mattress to people directly over the years and has also been selling it through many retailers in recent time. Casper focuses on producing a simple mattress that is easy to add into any room. When you open the box, you will get a fully laid out mattress that is flexible and gives you a comfortable foam-based surface. But the best part of this mattress is that it is a fully organic model, thus making it easy for you to sleep on.

The open-cell top layer is popular for moving heat off of your body. The memory foam surface is made with natural oils in lieu of fuel-based oils to add a safe and organic surface. The foam is dense enough to support all the pressure points on your body and will give you a more relaxed feeling all the way through. The base layer on the mattress also adds a sturdy body that feels good on your skin and gives you a relaxed tone worth having.

You can order this mattress on a foundation if desired. The layout of the mattress gives you a good surface to sleep on that adds a nice tone without feeling too rough as you aim to get a good rest on its surface.


Leesa Mattress


Image Source:

The Leesa Mattress is a popular choice for an organic mattress thanks to how the company focuses on strong environmental standards while also selling its mattresses direct to customers. This uses an organic foam material without oils or fuels added into the surface. The three layers of foam materials create a better fit onto the surface that keeps your body aligned well and gives you a relaxing surface you will enjoy sleeping on.

The layers of foam are used in this mattress in lieu of traditional springs to create a more flexible base for you to sleep on. The design lets you rest in comfort and without being irritated or bothered by anything you might sleep on.


Zenhaven Organic Mattress

Zenhaven Mattress

Image Source:

The last option you have to use for an organic mattress is this Zenhaven model. This is a mattress that features a fully organic latex surface. This includes New Zealand wool on the outside surface with a cotton backing.

The 5-Zone system for comfort is a vital part of what makes this mattress popular. The mattress uses five tiers of holes on its latex surface. These work with different levels of support to give you a firm surface that is easy to sleep on. The surface also does well with relaxing your body and keeps moisture from getting in the way, thus making it easy to sleep on.



A Final Note

The least toxic mattresses that you will find today are made with safe and easy to enjoy organic materials. But you should look around to see what goes into the best organic mattress options you can find today. The choices you have to work which are extensive and will surely become even more varied as the market and general interest for these mattress becomes a little greater.

Be sure to see what is available if you have allergy issues or concerns about your health. Remember that the quality of an affordable non toxic mattress will not only help you sleep at night but also make you feel comfortable about the environment and your health. Having an appropriate mattress that is useful for your life is a necessity that you must look at.

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